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Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100

Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100

Mint Museum UPTOWN Nov 1 2014-Feb 1 2015   /  Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100 opens in fall 2014, the centennial of the opening of the Panama Canal, and brings together the work of American artists who drew and painted the canal's construction.

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Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100 opens in fall 2014, the centennial of the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, and brings together selected examples of the work of the three most important American artists to draw and paint the construction of the canal, printmaker Joseph Pennell and painters Alson Skinner Clark and Jonas Lie, for the first time. Providing a rich context for these works is a handful of paintings by nineteenth-century American artists including Frederic Church, Martin Johnson Heade, and Louis Remy Mignot, all of whom visited and painted in South America, as well as works by such American artists as Julien Alden Weir, Ernest Lawson, and George Bellows, who painted images of factories and industry in the popular styles of their day. Interspersed with the approximately 50 paintings and prints is a variety of ephemera—photographs, books, newspapers, and other period material—that address the broader public perception of the canal and its impact.

As 2014 marks the centennial of the opening of the canal it provides a perfect opportunity to both reconsider these historic works of art and to reflect upon the canal’s impact over the past one hundred years. Thus, in conjunction with the exhibition the Mint has commissioned a new short story by the award-winning author Anthony Doerr and a new work of art by renowned contemporary artist Mel Chin. These fresh perspectives on the canal and its legacy are particularly meaningful in light of the fact that an effort to significantly expand the canal is currently underway, and is tied to the development of many projects in the continental United States, such as the construction of an intermodal transportation hub at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Panama Canal at 100 is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue containing an essay by exhibition curator Jonathan Stuhlman, the new work of fiction by Doerr, and images relating to Chin’s commission along with an interview with the artist about the piece. Click here to view the exhibition news release.



Conectando al Mundo: El Canal de Panamá a sus 100 años abre sus puertas en el otoño de 2014 en el centenario de la apertura del Canal de Panamá en 1914 y trae por primera vez ejemplos del trabajo de los tres artistas estadounidenses más importantes que dibujaron y pintaron la construcción del canal, el grabador Joseph Pennell y los pintores Alson Skinner Clark y Jonas Lie. Proveyendo un rico contexto para estas obras contamos con un puñado de pinturas de artistas estadounidenses del siglo XIX, que incluyen a Frederic Church, Martin Johnson Heade y Louis Remy Mignot, todos los cuales visitaron y pintaron en América del Sur, así como obras de artistas americanos como Julien Alden Weir, Ernest Lawson y George Bellows, que pintaron imágenes de fábricas e industrias en los estilos populares de la época. Intercalados con cerca de 50 pinturas y grabados, una variedad efímera —fotografías, libros, periódicos y otros materiales de la época—abordan la amplia percepción pública del canal y su impacto.

El año 2014 conmemora el centenario de la apertura del canal, ofreciendo una oportunidad perfecta para tanto reconsiderar estas obras de arte históricas como reflexionar sobre el impacto del canal en los últimos cien años. Por lo tanto en conjunto con la exposición, el Museo Mint ha encargado una nueva historia corta al galardonado autor Anthony Doerr y una nueva obra de arte a el renombrado artista contemporáneo Mel Chin. Estas nuevas perspectivas sobre el canal y su legado son particularmente significativas a la luz del hecho de que un esfuerzo de ampliar significativamente el canal está en marcha actualmente, y está ligado al desarrollo de muchos proyectos en el territorio continental de Estados Unidos, tales como la construcción de un centro intermodal de transporte en el Aeropuerto Internacional Charlotte-Douglas.

El Canal de Panamá a sus 100 años está acompañado de un catálogo completamente ilustrado que contiene el ensayo del curador de la exposición Jonathan Stuhlman, la nueva obra de ficción por Doerr e imágenes relacionadas a la obra de arte encargada a Chin, junto con una entrevista con el artista sobre la misma.



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Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100

Accompanying the Mint-organized exhibition celebrating the centennial of the Panama Canal's opening in 1914, this beautifully illustrated catalogue includes an essay by Dr. Jonathan Stuhlman, the Mint's senior curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art. It also contains an original commissioned short story by New York Times best-seller Anthony Doerr, author of "All the Light We Cannot See," entitled "The Fever Dreams of William Crawford Gorgas." 




Time Lapse and Interview with artist Mel Chin 



Live Streaming Event 

Mel Chin at The Mint Museum - From October 08 - November 26, 2014 The Mint Museum invited guest to view a live feed of SEA to SEE in the galleries of Mint Museum UPTOWN.  Allowing more than 800+ virtual visitors into the galleries for the first time in the museums history. Below you can view the footage from the exhibition's opening night as viewers 'ooh and aah' over the latest work of art from artist Mel Chin. 

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How did The Mint Museum prepare for SEA to SEE?

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Rockin’ Reporters Oliver and Dakota met with Chin at the Mint Museum during the construction of “SEA to SEE” just days before the opening of the “Connecting the World” exhibition. Armed with a GoPro and some really tough questions, the Rockin' Reporters go behind the scenes and investigate SEA to SEE

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ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: Connecting Charlotte to the World 




Wells Fargo is the lead sponsor of Connecting the World: The Panama Canal at 100; major support has also been provided by the Duke Energy Foundation and the Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J Horwitz Foundation for the Arts. Additional support provided by Carolina Tractor. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has provided generous support for the commission of SEA to SEE by Mel Chin. Exhibition media partners: WDAV, WTVI. Exhibition organized by The Mint Museum. Latino and bilingual initiatives are generously supported by The Hearst Foundations and the Duke Energy Foundation

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