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George Washington Surrendering His Commission (1783)


Francis B. Mayer (American, 1827 - 1899)

This painting speaks to America’s fascination with its leaders from the Colonial era, such as George Washington. This fascination was part of a broader cultural phenomenon known as the “Colonial Revival,” which culminated in the 1920s with the creation of entire historical villages such as Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.
Francis Mayer, a talented painter and illustrator, chose to celebrate the centennial of Washington’s resignation as Commander in Chief of the Army in 1783: an event that established civilian rather than military rule. Six years later, in 1789, Washington was sworn in as the country’s first president.

Place object was created: United States

oil paint, board

Measurements:    frame height: 21.25 inches    frame width: 27 inches    smallest height: 18 inches    smallest width: 23.375 inches    frame depth: 1.25 inches

Gift of Bernard Richter 1971.14

Currently on view at Mint Museum UPTOWN